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A pharmaceutical pharmacy molds

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    US $650.00
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    US 623.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $623.00

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Product Detail

The utility model discloses a pharmacy medicine forming mold which comprises a middle mold, a bottom mold is arranged at the bottom of the middle mold, the middle mold is a round basin structure, the middle mold is provided with a forming hole and a limiting card Hole, the limit hole is located at the bottom of the mold, and the forming hole is above the limit hole, the top of the forming hole is communicated with the cavity of the middle mold, the upper surface of the bottom mold is provided with a limit hole With the limit card column, the top of the limit card column is formed with a plug, the bottom mold through the limit card column and limit the mold on the card hole card. The pharmacy pharmaceutical molding mold, the original molding basin is divided into mutually clamping the bottom mold and the middle mold, forming a mold and bottom mold detachable structure, the formation of holes through the ends of the structure can be very convenient Will be stuck in the molding hole of the pills removed, effectively solve the problem of the inconvenient release of the pills, greatly improving the production efficiency of the pills, suitable for promotion.