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A multi-purpose wingtip turbine with an impeller forward

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    US $220000.00
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    US 215692.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $215692.00

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Product Detail

A brand new wing aid or new wing with one or more impellers mounted on the front of the wing tip with shrouds extending to the entire wing tip in front of and behind the shaft of the impeller, Hubs and gears and shafts are mounted in front of the wingtip and power generation or other transmission equipment mounted on the wingtip. The impeller is rotated by the face-to-face air flow. The blades are mounted at an angle such that they will rotate in the direction of the incoming flow against the whirling vortex of the wing tip, as shown in Figure 1. In this way, the anti-clockwise whirlpool generated by the right-wing tip in the normal airfoil is reduced in advance, and the whirling airflow generated by the impellers on both sides impinges on the wing from the bottom of the wing to further increase the lift. A substantial increase in drag reduction resistance, such turbines can even replace the aircraft engine partially driven by the generator or generate auxiliary power, but also reduce the fore wing tail vortex tail aircraft on the rear flight safety threats to improve the aviation industry safety.