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A heat transfer biopharmaceutical fermentation tank

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    US $300.00
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    US 269.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $269.00

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Product Detail

The utility model discloses a heat transfer-type cooling biopharmaceutical fermenting tank, which comprises a fermenter body and a water tank, two sides of the fermenter body are symmetrically provided with heat exchanging devices, the heat exchanging device comprises an arc-shaped mounting seat, The number of arc-shaped mounting seats is set to two, equidistant between the two arc-shaped mounting seats is provided with not less than three heat exchange tubes, and the inside of the heat exchange tube is fixedly provided with a U-shaped refrigerant tube, A spiral water cooling pipe is arranged around the outside of the heat device, and the water inlet of one end of the spiral water cooling pipe is connected with one end of the water supply pipe through a connecting pipe. The heat transfer cooling biopharmaceutical fermenter has the advantages of simple structure and reasonable design, capable of rapidly exchanging heat and cooling the fermentor, and spirally cooling the water outside the heat exchanging device to cool the fermenter twice , Dual heat transfer cooling set, when the fermentation tank cooling is fast and efficient, and improve the fermentor fermentation efficiency.