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A biomedical intelligent lung detector

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    US 365.00/Piece
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      US $365.00

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Product Detail

The utility model discloses a biomedical intelligent lung detector which comprises an inductor, a disposable mouth tube, a ventilating mouth and a processor, the left end of the inductor is connected with a conducting wire, and the lower part of the conducting wire is provided with a terminal A power cord is arranged on the left side of the cabinet, a touch screen is mounted on the surface of the cabinet, a base is arranged at the bottom of the cabinet, a signal receiver is fixed on the right side of the circuit cabinet, A fan is arranged below the signal receiver, a line box is connected to the upper part of the processor, and a temperature detecting device is mounted on the right side of the processor. The biomedical intelligent lung detector, the sensor and the one-time connection with the mouth pipe is provided with sealing ring equipment, not easy to cause errors in the course of the use, to avoid affecting the accuracy of detection, the provision of a cooling device is not susceptible to heat damage, the machine The shell can be placed on the sensor and disposable mouth tube, placed more convenient to protect the most accurate data presented in front of people.