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A medical device sterilization drying device

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    US $400.00
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    US 389.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $389.00

Product Detail

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Product Detail

The utility model discloses a sterilizing and drying device of a medical device, which comprises a box body, a first electric motor and a material mouth are arranged on the top of the box body, the material mouth is located at one side of the first electric motor, the rotating shaft of the first motor sequentially passes through The first bearing and the box body are fixedly connected with an electric telescopic rod arranged in the box body. The bottom end of the electric telescopic rod is fixedly connected with a mesh groove, a pulley is arranged at the bottom of the box body, a second electric motor is arranged at one side of the pulley, . The sterilizing and drying device of the medical device can make the medical devices in the mesh tank to be more thoroughly cleaned and disinfected through the mesh groove, the second motor, the first fixing rod and the stirring blade. The medical telescopic rod and the first motor , You can make a small amount of liquid remaining in the medical equipment to dry, hot air blowing through the hot air blower, the drying of medical equipment to ensure that health care workers and patients.