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Oil detergent and its preparation method

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Product Detail

The oil detergent comprises the following raw materials in parts by mass: 10-15 parts of polyether polyol, 15-20 parts of polyisobutylene succinimide, 10-14 parts of lanthanum isooctanoate, 4-methyl-3 6-16 parts of lauryl (- 3-dodecylureido) phenylcarbamate, 15-26 parts of modified calcium nano-sulfonate, 15-26 parts of bis (3,5-tris butyl 4-hydroxy Phenyl) thioether, 10 to 28 parts of glycerin linoleate, 30 to 40 parts of polyethylene glycol, 18 to 29 parts of ethanol and 15 to 26 parts of water. The product obtained by the method can effectively prevent carbon deposition Of the formation, and has excellent removal of sediment, which can ensure that the engine to play its best state, to provide the necessary power to the vehicle, effectively extending the life of the engine.