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solar water heaters

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    US $2300.00
  • Unit Price:
    US 2160.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $2160.00

Product Detail

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Product Detail

A solar water heater, comprising: a hot water tank provided with a water inlet, a water outlet, an overflow port and a plurality of heat pipe connection holes; a heat pipe for heating cold water in the hot water tank, A curved surface magnifying glass disposed above the heating end of the heat pipe for the corresponding sun movement trajectory and heating a plurality of heat pipes; an electric heating device, the photovoltaic (PV) Components, controllers, batteries, photovoltaic inverters and electric heating elements, the heating element is fixed on the heating end of the heat pipe to heat the heat pipe at night or insufficient sunlight; a mercury level indicator provided with high, medium and low Three scales, used to display the water level in the hot water tank.