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Non-core Multi-stator Permanent Magnet High Efficiency Generator

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    US $350.00
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    US 325.00/Piece
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      (10 库存)  
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      US $325.00

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Product Detail

The invention discloses a coreless multi-stator permanent magnet high-efficiency generator which belongs to the technical field of clean energy wind power generation equipment. The utility model is characterized in that a first stator, a second stator and a second stator are respectively arranged inside and outside the rotor On both sides, the center hole of the stator shell is connected and fixed with the main shaft, the wires are respectively connected with the stator windings and lead out through the pipelines, the main shaft is supported by the bearing in the end cover or the magnetic floating bearing, the rotor is made of the metal into an I- Or cylindrical shape, both ends of the inner and outer circumferential direction respectively armored magnetic or magnetic separator, permanent magnet, the center fixed by the spindle; or rotor interface from the first stator and the third stator symmetrical intermediate gap Which is characterized in that the iron core is provided with an air gap between the rotor and the stator; the coreless product has the advantages of resource saving, simple structure, small parts, small consumable, light weight, small volume, high efficiency and low cost , The production process is simple, suitable for mass production line.